Monday, July 12, 2010

Six months

Six months ago the world's eyes fell upon one of the most catastrophic experiences in our decade, the earth quake in Haiti.
When we heard the news from friends, it didn't seem to hit us. It was only when we saw the images on CNN that the reality took effect. When we actually couldn't make contact with family members the panic set in.
From the very beginning calls from all around the world came in to our home to ask about our family in Haiti. We were surrounded by constant love and concern from friends near and far. The parents in our pre-school never let one day pass by without asking for our family and friends in Haiti. All that seem to be going through my mind is if we lived in Haiti where would I have been during the actual time of the earth quake.

To all of our supporters who helped us during this time. Many thanks we will never forget you. Each and everyone of you made us feel loved and true compassion. We appreciate it very much. Merci.

[posted by keren for Yakini and Coffy]