Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One year update and many thanks

One year ago today Haiti suffered an enormous tragedy that shattered the earth. We all watched lives being changed forever, never to be the same, including our own lives. We saw that even though one may not be of the Haitian family, we are ALL part of the HUMAN FAMILY!!!

Those of you who followed our story know that Coffy's mom and dad were transferred to Boston on a humanitarian visa, an operation that that was arranged and sponsored by Partners In Health, to whom we are forever greatful. The Coffys received life-saving treatment, and went through a series of surgeries.
Coffy's mom did not yet recover from her injuries. Although she is receiving great care, her recovery is a very slow process. She is still bed-ridden and will have to receive professional care for the foreseeable future, probably in a nursing home to be paid through charity.
Since the Coffys were denied insurance, we regretfully cannot afford moving her to a nursing facility closer to our own home, as much as we would have wanted to.
Coffy's dad is doing well. He was "adopted" by a church family that has taken him in. This winter was the first time he ever saw snow, and was very excited by it!

The support that was shown to us as Haitians and victims of the earthquake was enormous. We want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all of the donations, kind words, and prayers for our families. Thank you. Without your support we would not have been able to endure this experience.

It is our hope that time, resources, and mostly our love for Haiti will be a part of the solution to Help Haiti and Haitians Help Themselves.


Jean-Paul Coffy and Yakini Ajanaku-Coffy