Monday, March 1, 2010

2/26 from Santo Domingo, DR -- to Cange, Haiti

another long trip, that started on an airplane, continued on yet another bumpy road and ended in a hospital after a lot of pain killers.

1. Made it to the airplane

"made it to the airport. WOO HOO!!
we are now at the airport we're leaving to go to Haiti.
To that clinic, which is waiting for us
the doctors are waiting
they have everything in place to take care of mom and dad
i'm just SO happy."

2. On the plane to Haiti

3. A stop in Port Au Prince airport for passport control

"this is the airplane we just landed in Port Au Prince airport and now we're gonna clear immigration and take off
we're gonna fly again to get to Henche small airport
This is Port Au Prince international airport now."

4. Flying to Hinche

Landing in Hinche, after landing on the airstrip.

5. Bumpy road to Cagne

we are in the car a gentleman named Jude is driving us to the hospital. he told me it's about 45 to an hour drive, because the road is not very good, not good at all, and you know he's taking it very slow because of mom's pain and stuff. so here's Jude, i want to present Jude, who's driving us and we're not on our way to the hospital.

more dirt roads! but we're going to get to a hospital this time. "

"She's suffering but we gave her pain medicine and hope that's gonna help a little "

6. At the hospital Zanmi Lasante

"This is the place. we finally made it. we are here. and Cogi who is responsible for receiving us it looking for a room now for us. i'll take better pictures tomorrow because now we got here and there's no sun."

we made it to the hospital, we're inside the room. my parents made it. here's Cogi, he's the one who brought us in here in the room with everybody else"

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