Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 4, Coffy updates from Haiti

Date: Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hi all,

I am now in Haiti. I've been here since 2/26/10 and today is Thursrday, 3/04/10.
The Hospital is called Zanmi Lasante (Partners In Health), an international organization founded by Dr. Paul E. Farmer. This organization is doing great work here in Haiti, and have been doing so for a long time, I just didn't know about them as many other Haitians don't. It is in the country side in a little town called Cange.
I made a little video as an update.

Jean Paul Coffy.

Hi everybody, I've now been here since February 26th, today is March 4th. And I am at the hospital called Zanmi Lasante which is translated as Partners in Health. It's an international organization which has been helping Haitians here since before the quake and now have been swamped with earthquake victims.
Mom and dad are here and now I've met with the founder of the organization Mr. Paul Farmer. After all diagnosis and consultation they realized that they cannot do the operation here because they don't have the equipment in Haiti in any other hospital - they called several other places, nobody has that kind of equipment to do a hip replacement. And so he said the best thing is to get my parents to Boston where he's affiliated with a hospital called Brigham [and] Women's Health Hospital, and there they've already accepted my parents as inpatients. Now the partners in health organization are working with immigration to see if they can speed up the process to get mom there. After they reviewed the x-rays and all the doctors are worried that the leg might have some infection that can be potentially dangerous and so they're working as quickly as possible with immigration to see if immigration and the US government will allow passage for my parents to get to the US and to get the treatment that they actually need. So we're crossing our fingers and in the meanwhile giving them medicine and infection medicine for the leg, and diabetic medicine and blood pressure medicine to just you know keep them alive until the process is actually been through. OK, I'll keep you all updated. Bye.

[pictures that Coffy sent from his first meeting with Dr. Farmer]

Partners in Health
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Birgham and Women's Hospital in Boston
Zanmi Lasante

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