Thursday, February 11, 2010

Coffy's dad isn't feeling well

Coffy keeps telling us how his dad never complains, all he cares about is his wife's health and comfort. Throughout the whole thing, he never asked for anything for himself.
However now he also is in need for medical care. Yesterday (2/10) he started feeling bad, became disoriented and finally collapsed. Coffy took him to a hospital (he's still there over night) and a blood test showed that his glucose levels are too low.
And although he should be worried about his own health right now, all he asks about is what about mom.

To: Yakini
Date: Wednesday, February 10, 2010, 3:12 PM

Hi baby,

this afternoon at around 12:15, dad said that he's not feeling well (felt week as if his legs couldn't hold him any longer and needed to lie down). Then he felt hot and started sweating to the point where his clothes and the bed got soaking wet. Afterwards, he got freezing cold, in matter of minutes.

More over, he couldn't talk, so I immediately called a taxi
and took him to a clinic named "Clinica Altagracia".

Once there, they quickly checked his blood pressure and all, then they said that he's fine and see nothing wrong with him, and that his blood pressure is normal.

Although they said all that, I asked for whole blood test just to be sure that he's really ok.

That gave me a big scare!!!
Anyway, I'll call you later with results.


To: yakini
Date: Wednesday, February 10, 2010, 5:02 PM


I'm still at the clinic with dad, the line was long for blood test but there are three people ahead of us now.

I'm worried about mom but I've asked one of the guys to keep an eye on her for me. I just called and he said that she's doing fine.



The doctor just told me that it's the glucose level that went very very low.

now dad is back to himself and worried about mom. he's asking if mom knows that he's sick and she's gonna be worried ...
he's not worrying about himself he's worried about mom

He's asleep now

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