Monday, February 1, 2010

How the day went by

To: yakini
Date: Monday, February 1, 2010
I went to the American consulate again this morning to see how or if
they can help with a temporary entry to the US. I finally learned that
the pin that I purchased last week wasn't working because I was using
my cell phone and needed to use a land line instead. However, that
info was not in the form given to me when I bought the pin at Banco
Anyway, I used a public phone and got through, then the operator asked
for my parents' passport number which are lost in Haiti, I explained.
Then I learned that she cannot give us rendezvous without the passport
So I went to the Haitian embassy to make them (passports). Thankfully,
a friend knew someone inside who made the process very easy for me.
The Haitian consul was very nice and helpful.

Unfortunately, the passports will be ready no earlier then two weeks
because they're made in Washington DC, and then sent to the Haitian
consulate in Santo Domingo. However, I am grateful for it could've
been even longer given the circumstances.

After that, I went to look for houses for my parents to stay because
the doctors released mom today and the hotel where I'm staying is too
expensive and has too many stairs and no elevator. (I've sent a
picture of the house) however mom will stay at the hospital a little
more cause the deal did not fall through yet and I'll try again


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