Thursday, February 4, 2010

ups and downs

The search for proper housing continues.
It seems like almost every time there's a little hope, there comes another difficulty.
The house Coffy was hoping to rent didn't work out. The owner wouldn't rent it to a non-Dominican. (If he wasn't going to rent it to a Haitian, why did he waste Coffy's time?!? nobody knows).
Now that Coffy's mother is out of the hospital, she has to stay somewhere. Knowing that moving her from one place to another is a bad idea, Coffy is eager to find a more solid solution. But for now it has to be some hotel.
The motel that Coffy and his dad were staying at wasn't going to work out because of the stairs. These are two of several hotels he looked at today.

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  1. This sounds like racism. I pray for Coffy and his family that they will find a stay. Good Luck!