Thursday, February 18, 2010

Back to Haiti

It's been more than 5 weeks since the earthquake; almost four weeks since the Coffys found temporary refuge in the Dominican Republic. Their visa is about to expire, and their current shelter can only accommodate them for a few more days. Their return to broken Haiti is therefore imminent.

Coffy is very nervous about the idea of having to travel back to Haiti the same way they got out of there. The bumpy ride and having to move his mom in and out of cars to switch buses at the border sounds like a terrible idea. But one that may by unavoidable nevertheless. In Haiti, they would have to find shelter as well - their house is leveled and so is everybody else's.

As time goes by, while Coffy is in the DR caring for his parents, most of the effort to find health-care solutions and housing for the Coffys has shifted back to Chicago.
Yakini is pulling all possible strings to make sure that when they finally arrive back to Haiti they will have an address to go to.

In the few hours a day that Yakini isn't overwhelmingly occupied with running the family-based daycare, she is sending out appeals to senators to help with granting Coffy's parents with a temporary visa; requests for medical help from organizations such as Partners In Health (who are doing outstanding work in Haiti every day); pleas through anyone who knows anyone. We keep thinking positive. One of those will eventually be our answer!

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