Wednesday, February 24, 2010


From: Jean Paul Coffy
Subject: BBC interview
To: Yakini Ajanaku-Coffy
Date: Tuesday, February 23, 2010
Hi Yakini,

I just finished the interview with BBC World news and it was great. They were very pleasant to talk to and seem to care a lot about our troubles during this uncertain time.
However, talking to them made me realized how much we've been through, and are still going through as family. During the interview I had to retell the moment of leaving you guys,especially when you and Akin were crying at the airport in Chicago. It still hurts a lot to this day.

Yakini, I want to thank you again for being with me through out all of this. I thank God for knowing you. I feel as if only you could handle all of this without ever complaining and making me feel any worse than I already do. (leaving to take care of my parents) Instead you gave me strength, strength I didn't know I had. THANK YOU.



From: Yakini
To: Coffy
Date: Wed, Feb 24, 2010
Subject: let to the next step
Hi sweet heart,
Thanks so much for your lovely words of support. Just know that we are soulmates. I SEE YOU!!! I FEEL YOU AND I JUST LOVE THE HELL OUT OF YOU!!!
Remember you are just great in my eyes. Your integrity with yourself and love for family and Haiti is just what is needed now. You are a model man. Hell you are OUR model!!!
Just keep on doing what you do so well LOVE < SELFKIND and continue to radiate that energy for the world to see.

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