Monday, January 25, 2010

Coffy's videos from the road

Coffy sent home some short videos that he's been taking with his phone. In these movies you can see Coffy and his parents on the Tap Tap on the way to the border, a few days ago.

Yakini unfortunately I
just left the ??? hill
in Haiti
and we are coming here
in this area called ???
and now in the flat area
only now I remember I have the camera
I've been so scared
I forgot I had a camera to take pictures
or anything like that
but anyway
I'm now down the hills

As you can see Yakini
I am not sad
I'm very happy that I found them
and that they're OK
and I'm getting them to the Dominican Republic
where they can get medical help
because in Haiti right now there is no hospital
and ah
where the help is
all the way downtown is very hectic
and she's going to Santo Domingo to live with my sister and get medical care
which I'm very happy for that

We are still here
we are now still traveling towards the border
on the dirt road
and my mother's hanging pretty well
she's hanging pretty well
we are ??? in the taptap
but the dust is unbelievable

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  1. Our thoughts, hopes, and prayers are with you Coffy. Your parents are so fortunate that they have you!