Friday, January 22, 2010

Getting to the border

The day started at 5AM for Coffy and his parents. Early in the morning
he rented a "Tap Tap" vehicle to take them all from their family home
to the border. We got his phone call when they were 5-7 hr into the trip,
and had about 5 hours more to go.

Everybody is a little bit better, he said. His mom is upset - but his dad is

The drive on poor back roads is physically painful. His mom is still not
feeling well. She is in better spirits, but in a lot of pain - despite the pain
pills that Coffy gave her. To make her a little more comfortable, Coffy
had her lay on a mat that he put on himself, so that to use his own body
as a shock absorbent and protect her, even a little bit, from the bumpy road.

After they reach the border the plan is to continue by bus to the Dominican
Republic where Coffy's sister lives. Coffy reserved the bus tickets in advance,
and bought two rows of seats at the back of the bus with hopes that the little
extra space would make the long trip more bearable for his parents.

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