Tuesday, January 26, 2010

1/20: Rain and aftershock - note from Coffy

(Coffy wrote this note on Jan 20, 2010 but managed to send it only today, Jan 26.)

Last night was a challenge because it rained. Since the earthquake everyone's been living outside, but we didn't have a tent and it started raining so I picked my mother up and carried her inside to a corner of the house that wasn't damaged to wait for the rain to pass. The rain did stop for a moment then started pouring again, so we laid on the floor and fell asleep only to be awakened by another earthquake of the magnitude of 6.1, that rocked the house like a boat on the ocean at around five Am. though smaller then the previous quake of 7.6.

I was scared out of my width. I jumped off ran out back with my mom, and dad was right behind me. Then as quick as it came the earthquake stopped.

This is a feeling I'll never forget. The solid ground as you know it becomes unstable as if you were on water on a piece of cardboard or something.
Anyhow, we're still here. All is well. Thankfully there was no more rain and even if there was I'd rather get wet then go in that house again.

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