Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Journey to Port-Au-Prince

Getting on the bus to Port-Au-Prince…

To board the bus to Port-Au-Prince you must have the
following: eight days worth of water and protein drinks, water
purification tablets, a flashlight, and a portable tent. If
you do not have or are lacking just a few of these items, you
are not welcome on the bus. You are considered a liability,
and therefore a burden to the crisis in Haiti, if you cannot
provide for yourself. The bus depart was delayed due to so
many people lacking supplies, including Coffy.

Coffy bought the things he lacked and boarded the bus.

Who is on the bus?

Chip the videographer
Five American doctors
Two Haitian Americans
Jean Paul Coffy

Chip the videographer is headed to Haiti to document the
tragic stories that are in abundance and the unreal miracles
that lack in happenstance.
Out of everyone on the bus, Chip recognized Coffy.
Coffy was once the musical director of a roots music group
called Boukman Eksperyans. Their group toured all over the
world and acquired a massive fan base. Chip the videographer
was a fan.

Five American doctors had just left an expedition in
Indonesia. The 7.0 earthquake occurred in Haiti and almost
immediately after, they journeyed to Haiti to give as much aid
as they can. What are the odds?

Two Haitian Americans with a saddening presence. Noticeably
miserable, Coffy made conversation. They are from New York and
Miami and seem to be traveling to Port-Au-Prince for the same
reason as Coffy, to see if their loved ones are alive and

Coffy…(in a recent phone call to Yakini) lets her know that
there is absolutely no electricity in the capital of Port-Au-
Prince. Confirming both of their beliefs that contact will be
at a minimum for some time, if any at all; but letting her
know that he loves her and that while he is away, his family
and his friends are in his heart.

On the bus…

The trip, by bus, from Santo Domingo is normally eight to ten
hours. Due to the debris, the broken roads, alternate routes,
and any unexpected circumstances, the trip will be longer.

In the same phone call to Yakini Coffy states that he does not
know what to expect when he gets there. But so far, he has no
regrets. He is actually glad that he went. He expresses his
gratitude to everyone who has been there for him both morally
and financially, stating "without their support, I couldn't
go." He wants everyone to know that he is well and that he
knows that this experience will change EVERYONE'S life, but
most of all, he is thankful.

Brittany Law

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