Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fw: Some news

The world is one big family. As it happens, Ade's roommate Bianca has relatives in the Dominican Republic, who met Coffy and helped him and his parents in Santo Domingo.
This is an email he sent just now to update:

Subject: Some news
To: yakini
Date: Thursday, January 28, 2010, 11:32 AM
The lady named Ambalina, was a good help. Thanks to her the director
of the hospital came and let us in. Inside, we met the doctor who saw
mom and she said that they would need three months before they can
operate on her because the leg is infected inside and is in very bad
condition and would need care prior to the surgery. Further more, the
doctor said that the hospital cannot accommodate mom for that long and
would not recommend keeping her there for the place is prone to
infections and mom as well. Then I explained that I'm not from
here (Santo Domingo) that my parents' house in Haiti is destroyed and
that I live in Chicago, and that I'm staying in a motel here if
there's anyway they can help me. They said that they could
give me a letter to go the US embassy and see if they can help me out
since I live in the US.
However, the papers will possibly be ready tomorrow or Saturday, but
I'll try and to the embassy without them today anyway just to at least
get a contact.

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