Friday, January 22, 2010

On the streets

" I am now in Haiti
and I'm looking at all the disaster that
actually happened here
just really
terrible terrible

it's even worse when you look at it
than what you look
what you look on tv -- it's just not the same"

"Yakini this is where Gamo used to work
that's Gamo's work right here
and there's Gamo he's lucky enough he wasn't there
a friend called him outside
he just stepped outside to talk with a friend
and it just happened
just powerful
that's his work he's standing here in disbelief he can't even believe it
everything just collapsed
just in a few seconds
about seven seconds
the whole building crumbles"

"Yakini this is the palace
i've been seeing it on tv but this is really devastating
completely broken
it's really truly unbelievable
i can't even believe it
everything around you is broken
unfortunately i don't have anything to help them with
i just hope i can..
if you can send everything you can send
chocolate cereal boxes
most impotently money so we can get things to eat and water"

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