Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Haiti update from Coffy

I apologize for my absence last week. Yakini has shared all of your kind words with me. It is nice to know that in my absence, I have your support. However, after unbearably waiting for responses from our family in Haiti, we as a family have decided that there is a need for me to go and locate our loved ones. Sitting, constantly watching the tragedy play out on the news was very painful for us. I just needed to go, for the sake of our loved ones, to get some conclusive answers.

I left yesterday, on a flight that put me in Santo Domingo, due to Haiti’s border being closed. It is my hope to arrive, by bus, in Port-Au-Prince tomorrow afternoon. I know that it is my responsibility to keep the people that I have left behind informed. Electricity may be down and there may be a lack of communication due to cell phone signals being down, but I will be sure to do my best to keep everyone informed. I have asked Yakini to compile notes for me on my whereabouts and experiences through information that I provide to her.

There is a dire need for supplies in Haiti and any help toward the cause would be appreciated. At this moment, the support of cash would be most helpful. Supplies need to be bought and I am sure that I will be able to get them directly to the people. Yakini will be accepting cash donations on my behalf that will Western Unioned to me, eventually setting up a Pay Pal account to make the transactions easier. Thank you in advance not only for your donations but for your support.

I would like to take this time out to say that despite this unexpected and unimaginable hardship, the daycare will still continue to function in the loving way that it always has. Although I will be in absence, Yakini and the rest of the daycare staff will be sure to continue to give the quality care to the children and the families. Thank you in advance once again to the parents and the staff for being so sensitive and understanding in this time of great remorse. My absence will only be temporarily. Thank you especially to the staff for the good work and effort that I know will be put into the day care while I am gone.

Lastly, I humbly ask the parents of La Grande Famille to watch over my family while I am away. This is a critical time for Yakini, Ade, and Akin and I will be too far away to comfort and console them when they need me most, although I will do my best from the distance that I am at. I know that you have a genuine care and concern for my family and they also feel the same for you. I just ask that you are there.

I am unable to express my words as well as I would like at the time. I hope that everything was clearly stated. However if you have any concerns, feel free to contact me or Yakini at any time.

The first link below is an ad that I put out in order to find the location of my parents. No responses yet. The second link is a newspaper article from the tribune. Yakini and I were featured briefly. I just want to share with you an experience that helped me make the decision to go to Haiti.


see last three paragraphs: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/chi-local-haitians-helpjan15,0,5783459.story


Jean Paul Coffy

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