Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Coffy's mom is at a hospital

I just got the word that Coffy's mother was finally admitted to a hospital, she's finally in a room in a hospital (Hospital General de la Plaza de la Salud? I'm not sure -- but it's in Santo Domingo. The hospital on the border that Coffy was considering is, as it turns out, a tent camp with poor conditions)*.

There are currently 200 Haitians in that hospital, and Coffy's mother was given high priority.
All I know for now, is that they put a cast on her leg to stabilize her;
She is still too weak for an operation, but definitely needs one.

I hope to update more later as i hear more from Yakini.


* the name of the hospital is Hospital Dr. Darío Contreras in Santo Domingo.
She's not really in a room, she was placed in the corridor with many other patients.
The hospital is equipped to treat 40 patients, and they now have more than 200. the hospital staff is doing all they can to help everybody, but the conditions are of course not optimal.

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