Sunday, January 24, 2010


Coffy and his parents made it to the Dominican Republic. This is the good news.

The bad news is that his mother isn't doing well at all.

Coffy tried to check her into a hospital, but they were not taking any more Haitians. The second hospital turned them down saying the same thing. They finally had her checked into a private hospital, where she went through a complete evaluation: her leg is fractured; her blood glucose is through the roof (400 - where normal glucose levels fall between 70 and 150 mg); her organs are shutting down slowly because of that; she has other complications because of a surgery that she went through before the earthquake, that apparently was badly executed.

The bottom line, the doctors say, is that she needs to have a complete hip replacement surgery. However, she cannot go through the surgery before her diabetes is back on track, a recovery process that will take about three months. Even then, the surgery would cost $1200.

Due to the high rate of $390 per night of hospitalization (American $), Coffy had to take her out of the hospital and is now looking for suitable housing for her.
She cannot survive a trip back to Haiti in Tap-Tap.
She cannot afford to be hospitalized in a private hospital.
She cannot stay with Coffy's sister, who lives on the 8th floor with no elevator.

But WE cannot afford to do nothing. We did not come all this way to watch her die.

We need to get Reserve and Zilania to the US, so that Zilania receives the high quality treatment that she needs but can't afford.

Again we're asking for your help.

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