Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thank you...

For those of you with whom we share a warm relationship; for those of you with whom we share a mere acquaintance; for those of you who discovered us through a friend or our website...we just want to say thank you

We CANNOT EXPRESS the gratitude that we feel for all of your love and support. EVERYONE extended their hand in comfort without hesitation. We just want to let you know that it was all taken in and none of it went to waste. All the kind and encouraging words made this unimaginable journey a little more bearable. With all of the support, we were able to follow through with our plan to locate Coffy's family and for us (Yakini, Ade, and Akin) to deal with Coffy's absence during this terrible crisis. We must say, it would have been IMPOSSIBLE to do, and bear, if it was not for you. 

We have been so blessed to have ALL OF YOU in our lives. Your support has been that of financial and emotional, but we can and shall not underestimate the spiritual support that you have bestowed upon us. Your kind words and gestures stay with our family, and are ESPECIALLY with us when this crisis becomes difficult to deal with. We are never alone because we know that you all are with us, spiritually.

We are so blessed to be surrounded by so many good people and we can only hope that we will be able to support you as rapidly and as fully as you have supported us.

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