Friday, January 29, 2010

Hallway (2)

Day 3 at the hospital. Coffy's mom was hospitalized in the hallway with many other patients, many of them in a lot of pain. They constantly cry and moan in pain.
This is the kind of sound you hear all day over here. One can never get used to this.

Finally she was moved out of the hallway to a hospital room:
They just move my mother to a room today, but like the doctor said "be careful! 'Cause the place is prone to infections".

Coffy spent some time helping other patients, giving them water and offering support.

Some of the stories of people in the hallway are truly amazing:

Amazing story: A two storey building fell while he was inside and he didn't break one bone, amazing!

Because of her diabetes, Coffy's mother needs to be on a low-sugar diet. However the hospital cannot accommodate this need and she is offered the same food as everybody else, high-sugar food that is bad for her health. Coffy goes out every day and buys her food that's appropriate for her condition. It is very important to get her diabetes back on track and make her stronger. And she is, getting stronger, just a little bit every day.

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